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welcome to my lil corner of the internet.

i help virtual assistants who are sick of the 9-5 grind get more clients so they can do what they want, even at 3pm on a monday. 


it all started when...

i stumbled into the world of social media marketing on a slow day at my mama’s small business. i opened up google, and went from there. i realized this was the answer to my constant fear of, what if there is no job that allows me location-freedom while being creatively challenged? 

if you had told me when i was 18 dropping out of college that it would be one of the best decisions of my life and that within a few short years i would be 100% location-free with my own business, i would’ve thought you were dreaming. 

hi, i'm lexi



i help my clients make more money, all from getting visible on instagram to their dream clients. but none of that can happen if they don’t know who their dream client is, don’t know what to charge or what services to offer, or what to talk about on stories...thankfully i help with those things too :) 


get people sliding into your dm’s, asking to get on a call with you...just like my clients.

what people are saying...

“i just got my first client that 100% came from IG! and i have a call on the books for my second. neither of them came from a referral. that can be tricky for copywriters! i credit so much of my IG growth to you. thank you!!” 

“honestly, without you i wouldn’t have seen the progress i’ve already had. so i am so beyond appreciative. i can’t even express!”

at the end of the day...


my goal is to help you build the business you love to support the life you’ve always wanted. i’m so excited. 
listen, i’m all about taking messy action. if you’re someone who says “i wish i could (clean out the closet/go back to school/learn how to make macaroons) but then takes approximately 0 action towards that goal, we may not be the best fit. 

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