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20% coffee, 20% taylor swift, 20% cats...100% obsessed with all things social media marketing and helping women make their own money.

on my blog, you can expect topics ranging from figuring out if having an online business would fit you, how to sign clients, how to (actually) make money through social media, and using instagram to build your business. grab a hot cup of caffeine and get comfy.

how to get people to acknowledge you exist on instagram?

instagram Jul 17, 2020

it's no secret I'm an introvert. I was in high school when I found that out, and ever since then I've been making excuses for avoiding learning how to make small talk.

but *sigh* sometimes you...

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3 ways to price your packages

starting your business Jul 17, 2020

one of the challenges i faced as a newbie social media manager was figuring out what to charge for my packages. and since meeting lots of other social media managers and coaching, it's one of...

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