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when you first discovered that social media management was even a thing, you were so excited.

i get to be on instagram all day long...and make money...and work wherever i want. is this my dream life?!? 

fast-forward 2 months later...

you’re struggling to get clients, you’ve barely made any money, and you’re beginning to wonder if you made the right choice pursuing this path. maybe i should just go get a normal job again…


the only thing standing between you and your dream life is signing more clients. and that’s fully possible. 


i know you’ve been trying to sign clients for a while, you’ve been talking to friends & fam, you’ve been marketing on facebook and linkedin and instagram, doing everything short of standing on the street passing out flyers yelling hire me plz!!!


spoiler alert: you already have everything it takes to start making money in this business. you just haven’t had anyone who’s been where you are take you by the hand and lead you through the woods to that secret waterfall spot that only locals know about. it’s not your fault you haven’t found the waterfall before; it’s just that no one’s showed you the way to signing clients that are willing to pay you more than $25/hour. 

hi there, i'm lexi!

i’m a gen-z cat lover, proud swiftie, and since fall 2019 i’ve had the best job in the world- helping social media managers craft their business from the ground up so they can actually make money doing something they love. using strategies that i personally used when i was a social media manager, i help you take your visibility from “who?” to “where do i sign up?”


starting a new business is nerve-wracking, i know. especially if you don’t have formal experience...which leads you feeling unconfident to charging rates that you deserve and not marketing to clients you’d love to work for.

👉🏻 you’re a go-getter

👉🏻 a forward thinker

👉🏻 a creative problem solver


i know it; you know it.


✨you already have everything you need to make this tiny idea in the back of your brain a major reality✨

so are you ready to start signing those dream clients and pulling in $$$ every month?


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this is for social media manager who has, well, zero idea of where to begin looking for clients or even who to look for or what to charge once she’s there. (most affordable way to work together!)

this is for you if you’ve got a couple clients under your belt but really have no idea how to sign more or raise your prices or market yourself. 

this is for the serious social media manager that knows she has what it takes to hit those milestone months, income-wise, but is struggling to get from point a to point b. the best option for anyone who struggles with self-accountability and following through on your goals in a timely manner. 

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the service provider's guide: get crazy visible is designed to help any service provider get crazy visible to their dream clients on instagram. it covers how to find, engage with, & track leads, as well as a *bonus* 30-day done-for-you content planner (stories & feed posts). it's a mini-course, so you can cover the material & begin implementing right away!

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